Summer time tips to keep your pets cool and comfortable from London Veterinary Surgeries


Cat Fights

Gentle Charlie was getting up to some mischief outside! 🙈

He came to us with a cat bite on the side of his face that developed into an abscess, which often requires vet treatment, including the draining of the abscess and antibiotics. Charlie was incredibly patients with our vet Alessandro, and he received lots of consolation cuddles from our nurse Rob! ❤️

Poisonous plants

Glum looking little Huxley came in to Blackheath Vets early last Friday because he’d eaten a Rhododendron leaf the night before. His owners phoned the emergency number for advice and were advised to monitor for signs of poisoning (vomiting & /or lethargy). Huxley wouldn’t eat his breakfast so his owners rushed him in to see us.

Please be aware that lots of plants are poisonous to our pets, in particular Lillies which are very poisonous to cats 🐈🐆 Luckily for Harley he was okay & bounced out soon after!

Grass seeds

36534401_1809326439114288_5253468412939599872_oThis is Jessie, isn’t she cute! Jessie visited Wimbledon Vets to remove a Grass seed. Dogs with injuries caused by grass seeds is an extremely common seasonal problem. Breeds with hairy ears and hairy feet are more at risk if walked in meadows or woodlands where these grasses commonly grow in abundance. Jessie had the grass seed on her foot, this is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Grass seeds will cause sudden lameness and if not treated will become infected. Now Jessie is putting much more weight on her foot which is lovely to see, thank you to our vet Kate. Jessie can now go home to her lovely family and we will see Jessie in couple of days for a check

Our Croydon Vets shot this amazing footage of a grass seed being removed from poor Fletch. During the surgery they found three grass seeds that needed to be removed from in-between his toes!


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