Five tails from five London Veterinary Surgeries

Blocked bladder emergency

Meet Ele the striking Cornish Rex 🐱 Ele was rushed into our Streatham Hill Surgery as he had a blocked bladder. Blocked bladders are most common in male cats are life threatening. Usually the blockage is due to stones, crystals or mucous. The build up of toxins from the urine that has no way out can cause kidney failure so we must act immediately. To do this our vets inserted a urinary catheter and flushed to release the block. This was then left in place for a few days to make sure it does not re-block.

Signs to look out for with your cats would be straining to urinate, cloudy or bloody urine or constant licking of the area. After we monitored Ele’s toileting and took repeat blood tests, our vets were happy to send him home.

We were sad to see him leave, he is such a sweet little boy that we couldn’t get enough of πŸ’•

Young at heart

16 years young, handsome and extremely adorable! Joey visited our Mayow Vet Surgery for his recheck appointment as he was in a few days ago due to excessive urination and crouching. After a thorough examination, poor Joey was diagnosed with cystitis.

Only a few days in on his course of antibiotics and we were so pleased to hear he is doing well! Joey just needs to finish his course of antibiotics for them to take full effect. We wish our golden oldie a full and speedy recovery! Joey’s age does not hold him back, he’s still out and about with his owners always having lots of fun!



Simon the fluffy bunny

Beautiful fluffy Simon came in to our Mitcham Veterinary Surgery for a little bunny mani-pedi πŸ°πŸ’…πŸΌ

He was so very good and brave! It only took our vet Erika a minute to clip his nails, and left us plenty of time for cuddles! πŸ’œ

P.S. Yes, Simon is exactly as soft as he looks πŸ™ˆ




Adorable little Meshki

She visited our Wimbledon Vet Surgery where she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. This is a very common problem in young dogs.


The symptoms are usually straining, passing a lot of urine, there may even be blood present. Call your surgery if you are unsure.

Meshki received lots of cuddles, some antibiotics and should be back to normal in no time.


36512478_1998864173460166_4744365289141960704_nToo Hot Too Hot

It has been pretty warm out there, too warm for our Blackheath Vets receptionist Kim and her dog Poppy. Home for the water pistol πŸ”«! 🀣 Remember guys, dogs overheat very quickly in these temperatures, especially breeds like Poppy & brachycephalic breeds, you can always entertain them with water pistols & paddling pools (assuming they like it!).

If you are concerned your dog may have heat stroke please call your vet as soon as possible & try to cool down with a fan & a damp towel until they are seen ~ enjoy the sunshine, Kim (receptionist) & Poppy.



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