Grass Seed Season – Be aware

These lovelies are Lola and Jessy who both came in to our surgeries because of grass seeds getting stuck where they should not be!

Grass seeds are quite common at this time of year. They can be very painful and signs to look out for are head shaking, whimpering, pawing at ears.  Grass seeds can also puncture the skin between the toes and track up a dogs paw.

Signs to look out for are licking excessively at feet, redness, lameness, shaking head and other signs of general pain ie off their food and whimpering.

Luckily the grass seeds were retrieved completely under sedation – Jessy’s from her ear and Lola’s from her paw and they are both back to their normal selves!

Prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure, so ensure you brush or comb your pets once they have come in from the outdoors this summer, especially longer coated breeds that usually walk through meadow farmland or woodland areas.

If you  suspect your pet has a grass seed that is causing them pain, please call your local surgery.

London Vets

Kent Vets








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