Five tails from our London Veterinary Surgeries

George Maine Cooney!

Meet big handsome three year old Maine Coon George Cooney, trying to be held by his surgeon Gabriella!!

Our Streatham Hill Vets team discovered a big mass in George’s abdomen. Radiographic and ultrasound studies revealed that the mass was within his stomach.

Our skilled veterinary surgeon Gabriella performed an exploratory laparotomy today and discovered that the mass was a big phytobezoar – this is a mass of indigestible plant material that can form in the gastrointestinal system, most commonly the stomach. This ball of plants cannot pass through narrow openings in the digestive tract and got stuck.

As you can see from the pictures the mass had become so big that was filling all of George’s stomach. This is highlighted in yellow.

Gabriella removed the enormous mass – see photo – and George woke up from the anaesthetic feeling much better and we all hope he has learnt his lesson and will stop eating all those plants.

We look forward to seeing George for his post-op checks and wish him a speedy recovery.


Be alert to the grass season

Grass seed season is well and truly upon us! The lovely Jessy was brought in our Streatham Hill surgery because her owner suspected something was not right with her ear. When one of our Vets had a look into Jessy’s ear with an otoscope, (an instrument used to look down the ear canal), he could see a grass seed. Poor Jessy, thank goodness her owners brought her in today. Jessy had a sedation and the grass seed was removed and antibiotic ear drops were prescribed to prevent infection. She has recovered very well and has been getting lots of cuddles and love from all the nurses. 

Grass seeds are quite common at this time of year. They can be very painful and signs to look out for are head shaking, whimpering, pawing at ears. Grass seeds can also puncture the skin between the toes and track up a dogs paw. Signs to look out for are licking of the paw and discomfort. 

If you would like any advice regarding grass seeds and what to look out for, give us a call on 020 8674 3525 and we will be happy to help.


35758829_2069594799973612_4640739702658301952_oVet Nurse in training

Here is Michelle, our wonderful student vet nurse. She was practising bandaging on the well behaved Denzel.

Michelle has just taken her first year nursing exam, and will be getting her results next week.

Denzel belongs to Jo the vet nurse here at Corner Vets, so no animals were harmed during this practice!! He was easily bribed with treat!!!



Teeth as white as our coats!

Our Wimbledon Surgery had the pleasure of looking after these two lovely boys. They were with us for some routine teeth cleaning. They now have sparkling clean smiles to match their handsome faces! Dental disease is a common problem in pet dogs and cats. Build up of tartar can affect their gums, and can cause sore mouths. The obvious signs to look out for are bad breath and discomfort when eating.

Tooth brushing is the easiest way to prevent problems and can be started in young puppies and kittens but can also be gently introduced to adult animals. Any member of our team at Wimbledon are happy to teach you how.


Poorly Prada

35839130_1686920338088859_388541776891215872_nPrada came in to our Mitcham Veterinary Surgery as she has not been eating or drinking, slightly lethargic and losing weight 😔
We immediately placed Prada on a drip to ensure she was well hydrated.
A blood test showed a high white blood cell count, which is usually indicative of an infection. We suspect Prada might have an intestinal infection.
We will treat her with antibiotics and have her back on fluids in another 24 hours.

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