Tails from Mitcham Vets

Gentle Maisy suffering from separation anxiety

Skye and Masiy_Mitcham Veterinary SurgerySay hey to Sky the Cockapoo and Maisy who is a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier cross! Lovely gentle Maisy is suffering with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is quite common and can be distressing for both dog and owner. Once medical reasons have been ruled out, treatments available include behaviour techniques, synthetic pheromones like Adaptil and medication. Erika our vet will definitely be able to help Maisy overcome her anxiety.

If you are worried that your dog may be suffering with separation anxiety, please give us a call for some advice.


Keep an eye on that blood pressure!

Blood pressure check_Mitcham Veterinary SurgeryOur sweet Molly was so well-behaved when she came in to have her blood pressure checked by our lovely Vet, Erika. It is very important for the pet to stay still long enough to get an accurate reading on the blood pressure, and lucky for us Molly was very cooperative – she didn’t wriggle too much, and even gave her paw! ❤️ High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when the cat’s arterial blood pressure is continually higher than normal.

It may affect many of the body systems, including heart, kidneys, eyes, and the nervous system, so it’s very important for Molly to measure it regularly and manage it with medication.

Dentals change lives!

Meet lovely Crusoe, a 7 year old kitty cat who had been off his food for several days 😔We took some bloods, which all looked ok, but our vet Erika noticed tons of tartar on his back teeth, which was the likely cause of his appetite loss. During the dental Erika found two teeth with resorptive lesions and extracted them, suturing over the extraction sites, which you can see in the picture below!

Crusoe was additionally treated with pain medication and fluids all day, and he is EATING even while still in the clinic! 🎈🎈🎈 We couldn’t be happier for Crusoe, such a fighter! Eat away, little one! ❤️

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