Tails from Blackheath Vets

We had the pleasure of having Neal the Guide Dog at the practice! Neal came in for x-rays because he has been suffering with some lameness. He will be referred to one of our other surgeries so that he can have TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery performed. Chloe is pictured giving Neal lots of attention and cuddles whilst he was recovering from his anaesthetic.


Lucky Lexi

Lexi’s worried owner bought her in for an urgent consultation, as she had been vomiting and had become very lethargic and out of character. After an examination with our Seohee, it was clear that Lexi was dehydrated and a little sore, so  she was swiftly admitted for initial blood tests, intravenous fluid therapy and pain relief.

After receiving some much needed pain relief, our vet Mary and nurse Lizzy managed to obtain a couple of conscious xrays of Lexi’s abdomen, to see if this would help us determine the cause of Lexi’s vomiting. Once the xrays had developed, it was clear that there was a lot of gas within her gastrointestinal tract, as well as what seemed to be a foreign object.


With the help of nurses Lizzy and Jen, Mary began an exploratory laparotomy, to find and remove the foreign object. The reasonably large object (a clump of strands from a blanket) was removed from Lexi’s intestines and Mary examine the rest of the tract, to ensure that all parts were healthy.

After a fantastic recovery from her anaesthetic, Lexi spent the night at our dedicated out of ours service for further monitoring, fluids and pain relief. Upon her return to us in the morning, Lexi was doing spectacularly, taking it all in her stride! Later that morning and after a few minutes of cuddles with nurse Jen, Lexi was tucking into a tasty meal of chicken. She continued to do incredibly well throughout the day and was able to go home that evening. She is one tough cookie!



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