Tails from Wimbledon Vets

Our dedicated teams spend so much time with their constant care and attention to all the wonderful pets that come through your local veterinary surgery doors.

Whether the stories have been life-saving, have touched us with their wonderful blend of bravery, or the pet themselves showing us their fantastically unique characters we love posting about them…

Ruby’s puppies

Congratulations to Ruby who became a Mum last night to 6 healthy puppies! However it was not without its dramas!!

Ruby’s owner called the surgery yesterday morning as Ruby was having difficulties with her first Labour, she was showing the signs of imminent birth but no puppies were being produced. Our vet, Viraf, advised to monitor her throughout the day and he kept up constant communication with the owner. By late afternoon there was still no signs of the puppies and it was becoming more obvious that Ruby was going to need assistance. At this point it was decided that a caesarean was the best option so Ruby was admitted after surgery hours and every member of staff was on hand to ensure that Ruby and her pups had the best treatment and care possible.

The puppies had to be manually stimulated, by staff, in order to breath which is something that their mum would normally do, thankfully our experienced team were able to step in and provided expert care until Ruby was in surgical recovery.
Vet nurse, Georgia, is pictured in the process of introducing the puppies to a sleepy Ruby after their first feed.

A dramatic evening but very worthwhile!


Little lizard stowaway!

This little guy (or girl) was found in a clients house! She had recently returned from a holiday in South Africa and we assume this little lizard hitched a ride in her suitcase.
Unfortunately she has dropped her tail but this will not affect her and will grow back eventually. She is a common house gecko, native to Africa, Australia and Asia – but not Wimbledon!

Our new nurse Danni has a keen interest in exotic pets and has snakes and geckos of her own, so she has taken the little stowaway home, where she is happily eating tiny crickets and doing very well. She will stay with Danni for some rest and feeding up and will hopefully be re-homed with other Geckos in the future.


29257995_1688129341233999_1557204104709668864_oThis is Tilly, with our vet Viraf. Tilly is a very well loved patient of ours who has been through a major operation recently.  Sadly she had to have a mastectomy, which is an operation where we remove the tissue covering the breast area.

She had several large lumps surrounding her nipples and the owners, and vets, were worried it was cancer. Thankfully I can report that all of the lumps were benign and not harmful.

She has recovered well from her surgery and we are all delighted for her!



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