Tails from Streatham Hill Vets

We have seen many interesting cases over the last few months to keep our Streatham Hill team busy!

Rumi, Rumi, Rumi

Poor Rumi got into a road traffic accident and badly damaged his front right leg. He’s only 9 months old and had to undergo a large and very intricate orthopaedic operation.

He was referred to us by one of our sister branches in Croydon and our highly skilled orthopaedic vet Gabriella took over his care. Rumi had a comminuted fracture of his humerus, this means that his bones were broken in a lot of little pieces leaving us only six millimetres of intact bone distally to work with. Gabriella was able to secure the implant in the small fragment and re-align and stabilise the bone to allow healing.

Rumi is recovering very well from the surgery and is already using his leg. He’s such a happy, playful boy and the team look forward to him getting back to his active self soon.

Phantom the trooper

Phantom had a bad femur fracture that was causing him a great deal of pain. In order to fix this fracture our excellent surgeon Kostas assessed the x-rays and carried out a femoral head and neck ostectomy – this is when you remove both the head and neck of the bone to stop the bone on bone contact which causes the pain. A new joint will now form and he will be able to use his leg again in a few months.

He’s doing so much better after the surgery and is already putting weight on his leg. Phantom will be in to see if for check ups throughout his recovery.

Nyla what a starman (cat)

Meet Beautiful Nyla who was in for a tail amputation today. It’s not known how Nyla injured her tail but her owners noticed some blood on the tip of her tail and brought her in to see us immediately. It was discovered that the tip of her tail had been de-gloved, meaning the skin had been removed leaving the bone exposed. Unfortunately for Nyla this meant she had to have the tip of her tail amputated.

As you can see Nyla has two different coloured eyes one being a beautiful green and the other bright blue. White heterochromia cats are predisposed to being deaf and sweet little Nyla is. This sure hasn’t affected her in any way!

Nyla will need to be kept indoors for the next couple of weeks as her tail heals and she has regular bandage changes. We all wish her a speedy recovery!

Brave Daisy

Finally, who could forget Daisy who had surgery to remove a lump on her tail. She was sweet to all the nurses and as a reward got a special rosette (see above)!


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