We have had some interesting cases across our surgeries over the last few months that we would like to share with you all. Whether the stories have been life-saving, fascinating or have simply touched us we love them all and hope you enjoy them too…

Veggie the Guinea Pig

Poor Veggie came into to see us as he was off his food. He was very tender in his tummy and had been passing blood in his urine. He was booked in for an x-ray, and to have his teeth checked. His teeth were fine, but as you can see from the x-ray he had a rather large bladder stone ! Veggie was operated on to have it removed, which is quite traumatic surgery for such a little guinea pig. Here he is recovering with his cuddly toy. His lost his partner a few weeks ago so has this to snuggle up to until he is fit and well. Then he can be paired up with another guinea pig for companionship.

barneyNaughty Barney the tea leaf!

Beautiful Barney visited us this afternoon because he decided that he just couldn’t wait any longer for a cup of tea and helped himself to roughly 10 bags and some powder milk! Thankfully his owners did the best thing and phoned us straight away, they brought him straight down for treatment and he has gone home feeling quite sorry for himself. He has been an absolute star to treat though, as he’s only a youngster he likes to get himself into all sorts of mischief but we think he’ll think twice before he raids the tea cupboard again!


Rescuing Pigeons

This poor pigeon was brought into us covered in oil. Carina took him under her wing(!) and after several baths has managed to clean him up. The oil was so thick she had to use washing up liquid to remove it.oil













Dicey the Dalmatian

This is the very handsome Dicey. He is 10 years old has recently had surgery to remove both his eye and also some stones from his bladder. You can see the stones causing a shadow on the ultrasound scan. He has been such a lovely patient and very brave through all of his investigations and treatments and is recovering well.

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