Our dedicated teams constantly amaze us with the unwavering care and attention they devote to all the wonderful pets that come through our surgery doors. We have had some interesting cases over the last few months that we would like to share with you all. Whether the stories have been life-saving, fascinating or have simply touched us we love them all and hope you enjoy them too…

Bee mindful!

One of our nurses came across this very tired looking guy. We offered him a refreshing drink of sugar water and he loved it! Bees will often walk along the ground or even stay motionless on the ground when they are exhausted. A sugar water drink perked him right up and he flew way to continue his thankless job of pollinating our flowers!

To find out more about bees and how important they are to our ecosystem and how to help tired bees visit


Rainbow Sparkles

Rainbow (now known as Sparkle) who not only endured being a stray, giving birth, raising seven healthy kittens, spay she then had a splinter penetrating her eye! Our vet (and her foster mum) Topaz surgically removed the offending object and put a flap on the eye to stop it leaking. There was concerns she may lose the eye but after two weeks the flap was removed and the eye had finally healed and she has the all clear. She has been re-homed with one of her kittens, Potato (now Spud) and is settling in well to her loving new family. Such a happy and deserving end for a remarkable cat.

Alfie’s big fracture operation

Alfie came to see us with a very nasty break in his left hind leg (as you can see from the x-ray) after unfortunately being knocked down by a car.
Our head vet Dane performed a procedure know as an external fixation. The external fixation involved using pins to bring the bone back together and external scaffolding to keep the pins secure to allow the bone to heal.
We are glad to say Alfie recovered well but we will need to keep a close eye on him to ensure he makes a complete recovery.



Handsome and brave Felix

This handsome and very brave chap is Felix, pictured with our vet Topaz. He is a regular visitor for his weekly chemotherapy. He has not long started his treatment but so far is responding very well and is so much happier now ! He loves his cuddles with us 😻.


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