Exciting New Developments at BSAVA 2016

It is important for vet surgeries to keep up to date with the latest developments in veterinary care. Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is progressing quickly and so we always attend the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Congress, which is the largest small animal congress in Europe. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s BSAVA:


Mini-microchip (right) is significantly smaller than a standard chip

From April this year all dogs must be microchipped by law from eight weeks. We have often delayed microchipping in smaller dogs until 4-5 months or when they are neutered as it is quite a big needle.

However, there is a new ‘mini-microchip’. So we will be offering these for smaller dogs soon. They are significantly smaller and so will be more comfortable although with lots of our lovely treats most puppies only experience a very brief scratch.


Dane is very cat friendly!

It’s not just about dogs – here is Dane, one of our vets, at the Cat Friendly exhibition stand.

We love cats and are looking to further enhance our cat friendly skills and formally register on their scheme http://icatcare.org/catfriendlyclinic.

Keep an eye on our Facebook pages for more details in the coming months…

No pets like to have their temperature’s taken –it is a stressful time for pets, owners and vets. So we are trialling a new thermometer (pictured below) launched at this Congress. The thermometer works by shining a light in the eye and then gets a reading. Hopefully this will make visits to the vets better for all. We will keep you updated…

There a couple of new medications that will help some of our patients and their parents. There is a new ear medication for dogs that only needs to applied weekly. This could really help those dogs that are prone to repeated ear infections. We also asked about cats as they can suffer too from ear infections and the company  are looking into that.

There is also a new heart medication which combines too important heart medications – this will make it easier for many of our cardiac patients and hopefully will turn out to be cheaper too!

I hope you enjoyed this update. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact one of our surgeries and also remember to follow our Facebook pages for more news and information.


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