Senior Cats


Help your older cat become an exercise ‘ace’ during Wimbledon Fortnight.

With Wimbledon fortnight upon us once again, why not join in the spirit of summer sport and help your senior cat get in shape and stay healthy?

Cats enjoy lazing around soaking up the heat and it is also the perfect time for them to enjoy more outdoor exercise. Your cat is considered to be senior once they pass the age of ten, although this is not a firm rule. Some cats may show signs of aging as early as seven and others can be healthy and spritely well into their teens.

So what tips can we give you to keep your cat happy and active for longer?

Accurate diagnosis – it is really important to differentiate normal old age stiffness from arthritis so that the correct treatment can be started. Lots of cats become old and frail as they age and this can mimic arthritis and can fool even vets so often a thorough exam with x-Rays are needed. As it is important as painkillers are not well tolerated in cat…

Painkillers in cats – Cats can really suffer from arthritis and the suffering may be hardly noticed by owners. cats do not tolerate some painkillers well and the toxic dose is very narrow. So it is important to use the lowest possible dose, to report into your vet regularly for check ups and to optimise the correct dose. There are also nutritional supplements and also cutting edge treatments such as low level laser therapy is also very helpful for those with arthritis. Click here and visit our streatham Hill Vets Surgery for more information on k-laser treatment.

Regular check ups – sometimes it feels like the years fly by however remember that cats age a lot quicker than we do so a year can be a long time in the life of a cat so it is recommended that older cats have more regular check ups as they get older. Problems such as dental disease, tumours and thyroid problems can often be detected to ensure optimal health.

Play toys – some cats love playing with toys such as balls on string or fishing rod toys. We find that lasers also are really useful to keep your cat active. Expecially indoor cats it is very important to schedule regular exercise much as we would for ourselves.

Good diet – this is so important for our feline friends, so much can be avoided with the optimal diet for your cat. Generally it is a good idea to have senior diets when getting older nd we recommend a mainly dry food diet for most cats (unless they are prone to cystitis or renal problems). We recommend a good quality premium diet such as Hills or Royal Canin.

Weight – maintaining the correct weight is essential – overweight and can be at risk of diabetes, heart problems ad cystitis, weight loss can often occur due to overactive thyroid or other problems. If worried about either of these then check up.

Nails – during most of a cats lifetime they may only need their nails trimmed occasionally however as they get oder and their nails thicken their nails often need regular trimming. Sometimes if they are not trimmed then the nails can grow around into the pads.

Keep hydrated:

• Cats will generally find a place to cool off, make sure they have the ability to do so
• Make sure there is fresh water available both inside and outside the home
• Brush their coat to remove dead hair, this also helps air to circulate through the fur to their skin
• Cat’s loose heat mostly through their eats and pads on their feet so using a wet towel or damp cotton wool to bathe these area can help, if your cat is happy to accept this being done to them!


If you really want the optimal regime for your old cat then it would be worth having a look at our: VIP Healthcare Planclick here for more details

Diets are 30% off, we have six monthly check ups and the plan includes all your annual flea and worming treatments as well as 10% off everything else.

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  1. These are all really good ideas in helping my cat exercise more. Recently we just got a dog but we have a very old cat. The puppy wants to play with Midnight our cat, but the cat is so old he does not do anything in response.These are great ideas for helping Midnight to exercise more.

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