Spring-time hazards for your pets..

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The best way to ensure your pet is safe from cleaners is to lock them somewhere well away until you’re done with the blitz. If the weather is nice, your furry friend will be quite content spending a couple of hours in the garden.

Please note: Even ‘green’ cleaning products can be harmful to your companion. And bear in mind that although the weather is warming up (slowly) please remember that anti-freeze is quite palatable to our pets and is extremely poisonous!

TADIY: TRY and do it yourself

When it comes to DIY, everyone has their own opinions. Perhaps you’re a savvy single lady who’s become quite skilled with a hammer? Maybe you fear for your beautiful kitchen when your husband appears with his tool belt? No matter what DIY means to you, it could mean something very different to your pet.

London vets Spring hazards picture 5DIY often means sharp tools, electrical equipment and pieces of wood/plastic/other materials lying around. Make sure that once you’re ready to get started with your new venture your companion is kept somewhere safe where they can’t chew the power drill while you’re stressing in the corner.

For particularly large projects – such as kitchen fitting – you’re strongly advised to keep your pet at a friend or relative’s home until the coast is clear.

it is also advisable during this potentially stressful time to use a pheromone diffuser such as DAP for dogs and Feliway for cats. These are natural, convenient and a safe way to help alleviate stress in cats and dogs. Ask your vet for more detail.

Ladybirds, butterflies and… fleas

For you, time in the garden in the warmer months generally consists of barbequing and keeping flies and wasps out of your beverage. But for your pet, frolicking in the grass can pose a threat from other pesky pests.

Your pet can easily catch fleas when going outdoors at this time of year. It’s extremely important you’re treating your pet for parasites regularly, especially as fleas can carry worm eggs (that can mean two parasites for the price of one). However, not all treatments are suitable for all animals, so speak with a veterinary professional before treating your companion.

Beware of insects

London vets Spring hazards picture 7The most common signs of an insect bite reaction on a dog or cat include swelling and redness at the site of the bite, “hives,” or a swollen face or muzzle. However, just like people, some dogs and cats can become sensitive to the proteins contained in the saliva or venom of biting insects. These allergic individuals can develop severely inflamed skin, vomiting, breathing difficulties, and (rarely) death. If you think your pet has been bitten call your vet straight away as the reaction can usually be treated very quickly and effectively.

Its not just insects that bite

Our furry friends will as well….

As the weather warms up cats venture outside after enjoying the warmth of winter indoors and reassert their territory. This results in a significant rise in cat fights. Cats have very sharp teeth and lots of nasty bacteria in their mouths. The result is that when they bite, bacteria are implanted through a small black hole, which often seals rapidly. The resulting infection builds up creating a painful abscess. Bite wounds may heal by themselves but most will require antibiotic treatment to avoid nasty abscesses forming. If in doubt get your cat checked quickly. Apart from the obvious injuries, cat bites may also transmit diseases such as FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). This is a cat version of HIV and can be contracted by cats that fight a lot (normally entire male tomcats).

Heat stroke in spring? It’s true.

When you think about heat stroke you probably think of scorching hot summer days (and beaches, cocktails and… let’s not get carried away!). However, heat stroke doesn’t always occur in the height of spring.

Certain breeds of animals don’t cope very well with heat. French bulldogs for example are particularly bad at moderating their body temperature. For that reason, you should never keep your pet in a car – even with the windows open – or conservatory.

London vets Spring hazards picture 6If your pet is able to spend time outdoors you must ensure they always have access to plenty of fresh water and shade. Additionally, dog houses/kennels must be ventilated well and plenty big enough to prevent overheating.

Most importantly, have fun

Yes, there are some things you must be mindful of now the spring is finally upon us; pets are part of the family after all. However, it’s also extremely important to have fun with your four-legged friend.

At this time of year dog walks can be extended. You can even make your way to the country park without the fear of sinking knee deep into muddy puddles. And cats become more docile too, meaning fuss is generally appreciated and you may even get a reaction when you dangle the stuffed mouse in front of them – but only for a few minutes. It’s hard work being lazy!

If you would like more information about anything you have read above, or to book an appointment for your companion at our practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



  1. I had no idea that there were so many things to worry about with pets during the spring. My wife really wants to get a puppy, so we want to make sure that he stays safe. We like your tips about safety, but also making sure that we have fun. Thanks for sharing some advice.

  2. I’m glad you pointed out the heat. Even though it’s just spring time, it can still get pretty hot. It’s important to have ways to let the pets cool down and stay hydrated. That way they don’t have any problems with heat.

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