Lifesaving and heart-warming stories from Blackheath Vets

We have some amazing stories for you all to enjoy. Our dedicated teams have spent so much time with their constant care and attention to all the wonderful pets that come through our surgery doors.

Whether the stories have been life-saving, have touched us with their wonderful blend of bravery, or the pet themselves showing us their fantastically unique characters…

Ouch! Sky has reached his limit

Sky picPoor Sky was bought in to see us after he returned home one evening unable to walk properly on his back leg. Our vet James, at Blackheath Veterinary Surgery, admitted Sky and took some x-rays to investigate the cause of his lameness. We discovered that he had a nasty fracture to his femoral head (the equivalent of our hip) – seen in the image below.

Sky xray 2

James performed some tricky surgery in order for Sky to be able to use his leg again – removing the broken part of the ‘ball’ of the ‘ball and socket’, and making the joint functional again. Sky is now recovering slowly but surely, and fingers crossed the surgery will be a complete success.


‘Eye’ spy a problem

Tab 2Poor Tab here had been in the wars. He was bought in to see our vet Alan after his owners noticed that he was holding his eye slightly shut. Examination found a scratch on the surface of his eye and so Tab’s owners were given medication to give orally as well as topically (directly into the eye). Unfortunately when we checked Tab just a few days later, the membrane over his eye had become infected and ruptured. Sadly the only option was for us to remove it.

As you can see in the photo below, the eye looks incredibly sore, whilst in the second photo above (taken after having Tab’s stitches were removed) he is looking as handsome as ever.

Tab 4
His owners report that Tab has made a full recovery and is much happier now that he is pain free. He just needs to stay out of any more trouble!

If your pet ever has a sore eye or is holding it slightly closed, please call us immediately for advice on 020 8858 5151. Eye injuries respond best to treatment when caught as early as possible.

Meet Little Lilou

LilouLilou’s owner rushed her in to Blackheath Veterinary Surgery as an emergency. She had become very flat and lethargic. She was originally brought in because she had a bad upset stomach.

But after a bit of investigation it was found that she had Giardia (A single cell organism parasite which affects the intestines). She was given a course of antibiotics, worming treatment and bland food to eat for a few days.

The reason that she had become so flat all of a sudden was because she had become Hypoglycaemic (low glucose in the blood stream). This was due to a combination of the Giardia infection and feeling too unwell to eat normally, which because of her size, caused her to become unwell very quickly.

A glucose drip was placed and after a few days on the drip, along with antibiotics, hand feeding, TLC and intense nursing overnight by our nurse Tasha, she felt much better. Lilou went home the next afternoon and returned to see Alan the Head Vet for a recheck a few days later. We are very happy to say that Lilou is doing much, much better and is eating so much! We did try to capture a picture of her when she was feeling better, but she was SO bright and happy that we couldn’t get one of her sitting still!!

Meet Smudge

Smudge 1This is gorgeous softy is Smudge. He was bought in by his worried owners as they noticed that Smudge’s tummy looked swollen. James the vet admitted Smudge right away and took some x-rays of his tummy to see what the cause could be, and the answer was obvious – a large tumour on his spleen.

Smudge 2

He was operated on straight away and some of the mass was sent away for analysis. Sadly the results came back as a cancerous and so the prognosis for Smudge was not a good one.

However, 2 months on we are pleased to report Smudge is doing extremely well. You would never think he was ill! We don’t know how long this gorgeous lad has left with us, but the surgery was worth it, as here we see proof that the he is certainly enjoying life at the moment, for however long it may be!

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