What’s new from the London Vet Show?


Several of our vets went to the London Vet Show at Olympia. As well as going to lectures we noted several innovations which we hope will benefit our patients –

  • Microchip Cat Feeders – We have been waiting for these for the last few years and they be with us very soon. They are cat feeders that open when it reads the microchip of a cat. This means that you can accurately feed separate cats which will come in very useful for certain multicat households. There are a couple of manufacturers working on these including Surefeed. They are currently still in production but we will be stocking them as soon as they are available…
  • There is another new innovation that we feel will greatly benefit certain cats. This is a gel for hyperthyroid cats that can be applied to the inside of the ear, this has actually been available in the US for quite a while but only recently in UK. Hyperthyroidism is a very common disorder of older cats and is usually treated with tablets or surgery. In many cases, there are owners struggling to tablet their cat daily and we hope that this gel will really help them – we all know how tricky it can be to tablet some cats!
  • For the dogs there is a novel technique for repairing dislocated kneecaps. Dislocating kneecaps (otherwise known as luxating patellas) are actually very common in small dogs and as you can imagine can be quite painful. This new technique involves placing a new prosthetic ridge on the knee to stop it dislocating rather than the traditional surgical technique which involves reshaping the groove for the kneecap – so we are hoping that this will improve the care for dogs with this condition…

As always, we are looking for ways to improve the care that we can provide for pets in the south London area. If you have any questions relating to this post or any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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